Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Home Stretch

Launching an e-book can be complicated. You want to make sure you're not just putting a story up for the sake of saying you've done it. You want--at least I want--to be sure I'm putting the best story out there that I can.

But, we're in the home stretch now. On Friday, May 13th, readers will be able to purchase The Wild Queen for their e-readers or even home computers.

In case I haven't shared yet, (or if you missed it) The Wild Queen is the story of King Lucien and Queen Roweena--Gregory's parents.

Roweena is the crown princess of Norvallen, a tiny kingdom with only one thing of value—the Healers' Grove. The trees in this small section of forest are enchanted, giving a sap that can be mixed into potions or salves to heal almost any wound.

And it’s in high demand.

Lucien, the young king of neighboring Demarde, comes to Roweena’s father seeking an alliance, but comes away with a marriage contract for young Roweena’s hand. Furious and stubborn, this untamed beauty vows he will never conquer her. But the contract purposely gives her time to come to terms with her fate.

Before Lucien can return, Roweena’s home is attacked and her parents are murdered. The Healer’s Grove is also attacked—burned to the ground. With nothing more than her horse and the clothes on her back, Roweena goes to the only person she knows can help her. Lucien. But he can do nothing with no legal claim to Norvallen, so they marry.

Lucien and his army destroy the invaders and rescue what remains of Roweena’s people. He then makes Norvallen a part of his kingdom, but separate, ruled by a man Lucien trusts who answers only to him.

Roweena tries to carve a piece of life out for herself in Demarde, but her wild ways often clash with Lucien’s calm, reasoning manner. They have a son, Gregory, and then a daughter, Falina. When Roweena is pregnant for the third time, she vanishes. Speculation runs rampant. Was she kidnapped, fallen victim to a mysterious enemy? Or did she run away?



Mel Chesley said...

Totally awesome! You are taking off really well! I need to get on the ball, don't I? :D

Sarah Allen said...

Looks amazing :) Thank you for sharing.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Donna K. Weaver said...

Ooo ... love your snopsis. I'll have to look for it tomorrow. Love your cover art.