Tuesday, July 19, 2011


He Smiles No More

We have pictures on the wall of him,
his mouth always a smile.
Time passes, and when we look at him,
we see it has faded.
The pictures never tell the truth.
The smile, warm and loving, is never seen.
Now we see a child, a mere babe in years,
carrying the torture, pain, and tears
of someone older than us all.
The child, so loving and dear,
cries himself to sleep now.
When I look at the pictures on the wall
of him so young and innocent,
I think to myself,
"He smiles no more."
The pain he carries weighs him down.
How can we expect an angel to fly
when he carries all our burdens
on his wings?
Some say he'll outgrow it all,
and be a normal person.
They say sensitivity is weak.
In this world, today, I know it is,
but it's purer and better than anything.
We love him, yes,
but he smiles no more.
Help the child, Daddy!
He needs you!
Mommy please!
He cries out for you both,
as I plead.
Put aside your differences, and
help your commonality:
your son.

April 17, 1992


Jane Isfeld Still said...

OK That was a tear jerker. Great poem but sad. Now I have to go read a happy blog LOL

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