Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I've been struggling with this post because I don't feel like I have anything NEW to report, so I'll just be rehashing the same stuff. At least in my writer world. In my family, my beautiful daughter just finished performing in her first community play, has been utterly consumed by the acting bug, and is thoroughly crushed she can't be in the next play. But she will audition for the one after that. Guaranteed.

My last POST on Mormon Mommy Writers has my big news. The Wild Queen is now available in PRINT! This is the book that isn't like any book I have or probably ever will write again. It does not have a happy ending, but all of my beta readers solved the 'mystery' so I felt confident releasing it to the world. This is the book I'd love to see a book club read, because the endless debate about the ending would be stimulating. I'm actually kind of surprised when someone misunderstands what happens at the end of the book.

Also, in that post, is an invitation to join me on Mormon Mommy Writers this Friday. I'm going to reveal the plot of my most recent project, and ask for help with the title. Usually the title for a project comes easily to me, so I'm really stumped and bothered by the fact that I can't think of one that sits just right in my head. I'm really looking forward to getting some help with it. Please join us Friday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In Case You Missed it: Big Cover Reveal!

I'm putting up the cover for The Tyrant King (May 2012) for anyone who has not seen it yet. Because I love it. And it's just so cool.
From the back cover:
Her heart paused, but Krystal remained defiant. “You lie. You would never do such a thing to my child.”
“You think not?” He laughed again and she recoiled. “I’ve sworn an oath to decimate my dear cousin’s present and future, take over his kingdom and his crown, and fulfill my father’s dreams. And you think I would hesitate to murder his offspring? Come now, Krystal. I know you are smarter than that.”

The kingdom of Fayterra is abuzz with preparations for Princess Alana’s wedding, but the arrival of a stranger threatens the peace of mind of the entire royal family. Soon, their people are under attack. War is declared. And not everyone will survive.
As the future becomes bleaker and the mystery continues to unravel, Krystal’s enemies will learn just how far she will go to defend the people she loves.
Excited yet? :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today's the Day!

Don't forget to be part of "Books are for Lovers" and buy a book today from your local bookstore. Let's keep those brick-and-mortar stores alive!

In other news, Cedar For officially passed on The Tyrant King last week. I've been so busy (with LOTS of help, trust me) getting The Wild Queen print books in order it's actually taken me some time to process this latest rejection. I immediately moved forward with plans to self-publish the book, but I didn't really work through how I felt. Consequently, my emotions have been on a roller coaster ever since. Today, though, I think I've struck a balance.

Am I sad/confused/distraught that my publisher didn't feel my work was worth a second chance? Hello? I'm human. Of course it affected me.

Am I going to let it stop me? No way!

Lately I've been a veritable fountain of worthy story ideas. So they don't want this one. Yes, it means I'll be self-publishing TTK and TLP, but that doesn't mean I'll be self-publishing forever. And, even if I am, so what? I write my very best then I send it to other writers and readers for opinions on improving it. Then I make it better. THEN I send it to a professional editor to show me what else I'm missing. Then I make it better. And that is what the reader sees--the very, very best I can show in my writing.

Self-publishing means control. I control what goes into the book. I control what the cover looks like. It also means responsibility. I control the advertising/promotion of said book. So if it doesn't sell, then I'm the weak link here. :)

The Tyrant King will be out in May/June. The Lost Princess will be out in 2013. I can't wait to be able to show you the cover for TTK. But, for now, enjoy this one!

The Wild Queen print version is looking amazing. I did find some errors in my proof copy, so I will need to order another proof to make sure it's all fixed. (at least what I found, lol) I'm hoping copies will go live in March. Yay!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Launch Fail

Today was the day I planned to announce the arrival of my newest short story--just in time for Valentine's Day--Tea for Two. It's a cute, Victorian romance full of mystery, lies, and intrigue. You know, just like a romance should be. :)

Launch fail.

In a world of self-imposed deadlines, this one's a fail. I have this fantastic cover, and a story I've loved since the first time I wrote it over ten years ago. But, as I edited and changed and cleaned and polished this fun story, I realized the zest was gone. The zeal. The interest. And if I couldn't feel the love, how could I write a good romance? It would be bland, boring, without spark. DULL.

After much soul searching and good kick in the pants from my husband, I dropped it. It does no good to work on a project I'm not passionate about, because the reader can tell.

Please don't think I'm just sitting around, though. I want let you know I've still got two irons in the fire, and they're heating up nicely. One is the PRINT version of my book, The Wild Queen, which will soon be available for sale. The other is a brand spanking new contemporary YA called Intersect. It's so new, I'm still working on the first chapter. But I think that's what I needed. I've been editing so much over the last year or so that I just needed to start something fresh. Already I can tell it's going to be amazing. :)