Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today's the Day!

Don't forget to be part of "Books are for Lovers" and buy a book today from your local bookstore. Let's keep those brick-and-mortar stores alive!

In other news, Cedar For officially passed on The Tyrant King last week. I've been so busy (with LOTS of help, trust me) getting The Wild Queen print books in order it's actually taken me some time to process this latest rejection. I immediately moved forward with plans to self-publish the book, but I didn't really work through how I felt. Consequently, my emotions have been on a roller coaster ever since. Today, though, I think I've struck a balance.

Am I sad/confused/distraught that my publisher didn't feel my work was worth a second chance? Hello? I'm human. Of course it affected me.

Am I going to let it stop me? No way!

Lately I've been a veritable fountain of worthy story ideas. So they don't want this one. Yes, it means I'll be self-publishing TTK and TLP, but that doesn't mean I'll be self-publishing forever. And, even if I am, so what? I write my very best then I send it to other writers and readers for opinions on improving it. Then I make it better. THEN I send it to a professional editor to show me what else I'm missing. Then I make it better. And that is what the reader sees--the very, very best I can show in my writing.

Self-publishing means control. I control what goes into the book. I control what the cover looks like. It also means responsibility. I control the advertising/promotion of said book. So if it doesn't sell, then I'm the weak link here. :)

The Tyrant King will be out in May/June. The Lost Princess will be out in 2013. I can't wait to be able to show you the cover for TTK. But, for now, enjoy this one!

The Wild Queen print version is looking amazing. I did find some errors in my proof copy, so I will need to order another proof to make sure it's all fixed. (at least what I found, lol) I'm hoping copies will go live in March. Yay!

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