Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You Asked for It!

I've had A LOT of people asking me when The Tyrant King will be available for purchase. So, after some deliberation, planning, plotting, and mayhem--here it is.

The date.

The OFFICIAL announcement of publication.

The Tyrant King will be available for purchase--wait for it--on June 20, 2012!

I know, why June? It's like, forever!

But actually it's not. From this side of publication, it's pretty dang soon. 71 days. Here's the breakdown:

April is editing month. This is the time set aside for The Tyrant King to be professionally EDITED (she has the manuscript right now). This is a professional job, mind you, and will likely take the rest of the month to complete.

Then suddenly we're in May. May is set aside as the month of formatting. Getting The Wild Queen available as a PRINT NOVEL has taught me that this process takes longer than one may think. First off, my very awesome friend (ahem, KAREN HOOVER) who is helping me make the inside of the book beautiful has a WRITERS CONFERENCE to go to the first part of May. She's presenting, so there's a lot of work for her to do. So that leaves about 3 weeks in May to get The Tyrant King all prettied up, check for errors, think we've found them all, find a new one, fix it, then another, then another, order print copies--and, you guessed it--find another mistake.

Which brings us straight into June. So why not release the book June 1? June 8? June 12? Aside from the simple act of padding a few extra days into my time line for unforeseen circumstances (you wouldn't want to be waiting the book's release on June 10th only to have it delayed a week, would you?), June 20th is a significant anniversary for me. It's a date that matters, which will make the book's release matter just that much more. And, since I plan to have a rockin' release week June 18-22, I don't think we'll be short of excitement.

Mark your calenders! Here comes The Tyrant King!


Jennie Bennett said...

wahoo! Congrats! I can't wait :)

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