Monday, November 26, 2012

Book Tour Contests!

If you've been paying attention, last week I announced the winners for my "Spread the Word" contest, which was a ton of fun. The purpose of the contest was twofold--one, to raise interest in The Tyrant King; and two, to launch my book tour for said Tyrant King. ;)

Now, I need to let you know about the TWO contests running in conjunction with my blog tour for The Tyrant King. This particular contest is really exciting to me, because I simply love blog tours. It's a great way to meet new readers and writers who also happen to blog.

If you recall, we originally planned to do a joint blog tour with my sis-in-law, MEL CHESLEY, to launch my 3rd book and her very 1st book. Unfortunately we've had to put the tour off due to delays and now Mel has graciously demanded I go ahead and do my tour. I know, someday, we will have books actually coming out at the SAME time so we can enjoy the fun of a joint tour.

So many authors and book lovers agreed to help us with the joint tour that I was truly touched. And many of them gamely put up with the delays and such, and have agreed to help us proceed with my tour for The Tyrant King. I truly love and appreciate these people. Honestly. In return, this is what I'm doing for them:

Blog tour participators only--these are the ones who work with Mel to set up a date to talk about or review my book on their blog (or interview me)--can enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card!! To do so, they simply post on their blog on their scheduled day, run over to The Tyrant King's AMAZON PAGE, click the "like" button, and then email me at Cheriwrites AT yahoo DOT com to let me know they've done it. That's it. Then, at the end of the tour, I will pick the winner and send them their $50 Amazon gift card. Awesome, right? Because they are awesome.

Now, don't think I'm forgetting fans and readers by not having a contest for the blog reader/commentors. (which, apparently, isn't a word lol) The contest related to the actual blog tour is similar but separate.

For those readers of the blogs who host reviews or blurbs or interviews about The Tyrant King, all I ask is that they also go to the AMAZON PAGE, click the "like" button, and then comment on that blog to say they've done it. They will be entered to win a SEPARATE $50 Amazon gift card. Yes, that's right, I'm giving away 2 in this blog tour--1 to one of my lovely bloggers and 1 to one of my lovely readers. Even though Mel and I collected some fun swag for the joint blog tour, we're going to save it and use it for Mel's book launch tour for Adversarius because, let's be honest, December is not the time of year to be shipping bulky prize packages. :) I do everything I can to avoid shipping during the holidays. :)

*Note--I have had some people tell me they can't find the "like" button on the Amazon page. If you've never done it before, then it can be rather tricky to locate. I had to have someone show me the first time I ever "liked" a product's Amazon page. It's located just to the right of the picture of The Tyrant King's cover, under the large title and on the same line as the stars and number of reviews. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think the button itself is gray if you haven't "liked' the page yet, and orange if you have.

To get everyone started, JA Bennett has already posted about TTK on her BLOG PAGE. Go check it out. She's wonderful and I love her blog.

And to show you how awesome Mel is about all this, I'm bragging about the cool book trailer she made me:

Enter to win! It's going to be awesome! Currently we have blog posts through Dec 14th, but, if you want to participate, contact MEL and get on our list. :) If we end up extending the contest (and blog tour) deadline, I will let you know!

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