Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Winners! Winners!

I know you're all on pins and needles waiting to hear who won the 3 offered prizes from my "Spread the Word" contest. First, let me introduce our contest officiator:
This is my daughter. No, she doesn't really look much like this anymore. This pic is at least 3 yrs old, but goodness, she had the most epic bedhead and it's one of my favorite pics. I figure I have at least another 3 yrs before she starts really freaking out that I show this to people.

Miss K Rose obliged my by reaching into my bag filled with little papers with all your names on them and pulling out the winning 3.

Grand Prize: 3, count them—3 book gift sets including one copy each of The Peasant Queen, The Wild Queen, and The Tyrant King as well as a bonus copy of Sing We Now of Christmas, And Advent Anthology. 1 soft, plush throw for cozying up on those cold winter nights. 1 $25 Amazon gift card to get you started on your holiday shopping. AND I’m throwing in a canister of deluxe, gourmet hot chocolate from Lake Champlain Chocolates . The grand prize winner is CAROL PHIPPS! Congratulations 
Next, she pulled the winner for: 2nd prize, which includes a copy of The Tyrant King, an e-book copy to give as a gift, the Christmas Anthology, a $15 Amazon gift card, and a nice red throw to curl up with while you read.The 2nd prize winner is: HOLLY PEACOCK! Congrats, Holly :)
Lastly, before the school bus arrived to sweep her away, my daughter pulled the name for 3rd prize--a copy of The Tyrant King e-book for you and one to give as a gift. The winner is LISA SWINTON! Congratulations!

Incidentally, and likely of no interest to anyone but me, I numbered each contestant's entries before putting them in the bag. Carol's 6th entry was the winner; Holly's 8th, and Lisa's 1st. I just thought that was cool.

Winners please contact me at Cheriwrites AT yahoo DOT com with your addresses so I can mail your winnings. Carol, in particular, because I can't order her gourmet hot chocolate without an address to ship it to. :)

Again, congrats to the winners and A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who entered!!


Jennie Bennett said...

Congrats to the winners! Love the bedhead!

collegechick17 said...

Yay thanks. Now I just need the wild queen :-)

Carol Phipps said...


Thanks again for a fantastic contest! Happy holidays and I hope you have a fantastically successful blog tour!

P.S. the pic of your adorable daughter is a real keeper! I see why you used it for the blog.