Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Checking In, and My New Writing Buddy

This is Inigo. He is my new writing buddy. I say that because, whenever I'm trying to write, he hops up onto the desk, sits across the keyboard, tries to grab the cursor, plays with the cables, or tries to climb up and sit on my chest. You know, he's "helping."

Truthfully, if I want to get any writing done I have to shut him out of the office. It's okay, though, because he spends some time sticking his paws under the door to give me encouragement.

My goodness, here he comes now.

As I continue to emerge from this sickness coma I fell into last Thursday, it occurred to me that I needed to post on my blog today to keep up with me "post every Tuesday" goal. Since this is probably all I'm going to manage today, I'd better make it good.

First off, the sickness. This has been probably the most sick I've felt in years. Pretty sure it was the flu, but I did not go and get tested or anything. Why? Simple. The only insurance I have only covers family planning and women's health issues. Not general sicknesses. (basically, if I needed a hysterectomy I'm all set, but get the flu and I'm on my own) I don't have the money to pay for a flu test, just like I couldn't have afforded the flu shot this year. I also don't have prescription coverage that would have helped me pay for Tami-flu. Not to mention the doctor visit. So I had to rough it out the old fashioned way.

I don't recommend it.

Because of this illness, and because basically January 2013 has been one for the incinerator, I'm having to push back Tea for Two ONCE AGAIN. It won't be out this February. Honestly, whenever I do get around to releasing it, you're going to love it. I don't think I'm going to wait another year, though. We'll see how things go.

However, I got this cute letter on Facebook from my friend Lizzy Hughes, who was part of our Tooele Writers' Group when I still lived out there:

Dear Wonderful Cheri,

Since moving to Idaho I have been employed by a wonderful bookstore wherein we sell your wonderful book. Recently, I had a bright, bubbly woman drag me into the fiction section and beg me for recommendations. I suggested the book I was currently reading and she marked it on a list, along with a few others I pointed out from past readings. Then she walked me through her favorites, insistent that I must read all of them if I had not already done so. At the very TOP of her favorites list, she pointed to a familiar purple cover and I said, "Oh, yes, I know the Peasant Queen. Cheri and I were in a writing group together when I lived in Utah."

This bright, bubbly woman has commanded me to give you a message: The Peasant Queen is one of her absolute favorite books. She loves your characters, she loves the story, and she hates that she has been left with no continuation. She has given the book out to everyone in her circle of reading friends and they are all waiting on pins and needles with bated breath for the next story. Also, if you could ever make your way to Idaho for a signing, every single one of them would attend no matter what for the chance to meet you in person. 

That is all. ♥

This has inspired me, so I'm going to refocus my time on finishing up The Lost Princess so it can be ready for it's May release. I truly hope to contact my "bright, bubbly" fan and let her know she can read The Wild Queen and The Tyrant King in the mean time. :)

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Mel Chesley said...

I have two 'aww's for you today...

One for the kitty: Awww! He's so cute!!!

And one for your bubbly fan: Awww, how awesome is that? I bet that makes you feel good. It's the fans we hear from that make this whole process worthwhile.