Monday, July 22, 2013

Lost Princess Name Contest Winner

Last week I posted a naming contest for a character in The Lost Princess.  It's funny because I posted the contest on Facebook, and in my post I mentioned having done these types of contests on FB before, and it turns out the winner posted on my FB link to the contest.

The winning name is: Lessa. I was able to narrow it down to the 5 names and then did two drawings where I eliminated all but one name. Lessa won out!

Because I'm busy writing this week I'm going to make this post short and simply cut to the chase.
 And the winner is

Debbie Korous!!

 Congratulations, Debbie! Email me at Cheriwrites (at) yahoo (dot) com and get me your address. You will receive one of the first copies of The Lost Princess just as soon as I get the shipment (no later than November 30, 2013)!

Thank you to everyone who submitted!

Monday, July 15, 2013

You are Invited: The Lost Princess Contest!

This fall, I hope to (finally) release The Lost Princess in ebook and print, and have a lovely blog tour and offer free copies of The Tyrant King to keep everyone updated with the story. If you've forgotten, The Lost Princess picks up where The Tyrant King left off, and will complete the series, with the possible exception of a few novellas to round out the story.

So, what about this contest? I have discovered through writing the story that I have a character in need of a name. You've seen authors do this before, they'll ask for a name and then offer some sort of reward for the name chosen.

Usually this happens on Facebook. The last time I did it, I needed a name for a a witch in The Tyrant King  and offered to use the name of the person who submitted the winning witch's name in The Lost Princess as a character. That winner was Tawnya, and her character in The Lost Princess is someone of note.

This time, I'm using my blog as the setting for my contest so I can go into more detail. Also, the offered prize is a signed print copy of The Lost Princess when the book is released! So, you get to win now but you will have to be patient for your prize. I hope you don't mind.

Here's what I need: A female name for a woman (thankfully), a peasant who lives in one of the villages on the outer borders of Fayterra. Her village was attacked by the evil king's army during the course of The Tyrant King, most of her people killed, and she herself was wounded. Most importantly, she was separated from her 9 year old daughter, Rianne.

In The Lost Princess, this mother has recovered enough from her wounds and trauma to travel in search of her daughter. Mind you, she's not fully recovered, but she has recovered enough--which to me means she still has weak spells but hasn't let that deter her from searching for her little girl.

This mother needs a name. She's going to meet Krystal and poor Krystal needs something to call her other than "you there" or "woman."

That's where you come in. This week and this week only (July 15th through 20th) I need you to submit names. I will pick 5 favorites and then one will be randomly selected as the winning name. The person who submits the winning name will receive a free, signed copy of The Lost Princess NO LATER than November 30, 2013.

I will post the winner next Monday, July 22, 2013.

Get submitting! :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

We Have a Winner!

As promised, I will be releasing the name of the winner of my Blog Hop Contest!

Just to recap, the prizes were as follows:

Signed copies of each of my 3 books, The Peasant Queen, The Wild Queen, and The Tyrant King, along with bookmarks, a $25 Amazon gift card, and a previously unpublished SNEAK PEEK into my next novel, The Lost Princess

 I decided to have some fun with the winner selection, so rather than using RaffleCopter or any of those types of programs I opted for a more old-school approach.

I made a list of everyone who participated, assigning each a number and making note of how many entries in the contest they'd earned.

I took the numbers corresponding to each person's name and wrote them down on pieces of paper one time for each entry. For example, This person, number 6, had 3 entries, so I wrote the number 6 down on 3 pieces of paper.

Each numbered piece of paper was then folded and placed in a box. *Note, I will not be using a box next time as some of the papers got caught under the folded ends and I had to fish them out after shaking the box every time.

Because there were then so MANY pieces of paper, I went to my 5 kids and had them each pick out two. Then I threw the rest away and had them each put their 2 entries back in the box so I could shake it up again. From those 10 entries I had them select 5 (one each) and then threw the 5 non selected slips away. And then I used just 3 kids to narrow the choices down once again.

Lastly, I had my almost 12 yr old daughter draw the winning slip from the remaining 3. And she chose NUMBER 18.

Which means nothing to you. Or to me at that point.

So I consulted my master list and found that NUMBER 18 belongs to none other than

Helena Ferrell!!!!

A hearty congratulations to Helena! I will be contacting her so we can coordinate prizes.

This author blog hop was so much fun I can't wait to do it again! Thanks to everyone who participated and commented on my blog. I really got some nice messages and I loved how willing you were to play.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thank you all


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Authors Blog Hop!

This is totally exciting because I think it's the first time I've participated in such a cool author hop, at least on such a scale. Thanks, Lady Amber, for the invite. I'm prepared to have a lot of fun! First I'll introduce myself to all you new visitors, and my fellow participating authors. I'm Cheri Chesley and I'm a writer and a mom. My first book, The Peasant Queen, which is YA romantic fantasy, was published by Cedar Fort in 2010. My other two novels in the series, The Wild Queen and The Tyrant King, were self published.

Since this Hop falls at the end of my multi-book blog tour, I wanted to be certain you had the link to the kick off that has all the participating blogs listed so you can keep up with the rest of the tour. CLICK HERE to see all the awesomeness.

If you haven't had a chance to look at all the incredible participants for this Authors Hop, you can find the list at the bottom of this post. Lady Amber has really outdone herself. 130 participants and counting! Be sure you check out the other blogs and get in on their giveaways as well as mine!

Now for the fun part: My contest. What do you need to do? How can you win? WHAT can you win?

I'm glad you asked. ;) First of all, Lady Amber has been awesome with helping me get a little more book attention lately, and I really appreciate all she's done. She brought my author page on Facebook up over 400 likes, which was so wonderful since I'd been stuck just under 400 forever. But I think there's room for a little more, so we're going to start there.

CLICK on over to my Facebook page and "like" it for One contest entry.

FOLLOW me on Twitter for One contest entry.

Leave a comment on my blog for One contest entry.

***For a 5 entry bonus (meaning you will get 5 bonus contest entries for a possible total of 8 entries), go to FIVE of the other authors participating in this contest and tell me something about their work. Do they write fantasy? Horror? Children's books? Share with me. You may want to enter their contests while you're visiting. :)

Isn't that wonderful? A single person can have up to 8 entries into my contest just by sharing a little bloggy love with my fellow authors. And with 8 entries your chances of winning the prize increases dramatically.

So, what is the prize? Signed copies of each of my 3 books, The Peasant Queen, The Wild Queen, and The Tyrant King, along with bookmarks, a $25 Amazon gift card, and a previously unpublished SNEAK PEEK into my next novel, The Lost Princess.

Excited yet? You'll get a chance to read something no one has read before. Well, except me of course. This isn't going to be the first chapter of The Lost Princess that I included at the end of The Tyrant King. This is something entirely different, something from deep within the story itself. And you're going to love it.

So what you waiting for? Start clicking, and be sure to leave a comment on this blog (which, incidentally, is good for ONE contest entry all by itself) telling me everything you've done and how many contest entries your efforts have earned you.

The contest ends 11:59 PM WEDNESDAY, JULY 10TH, so don't delay. I will be posting the winner on Friday, July 12th!

See you on the flip side.