Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What a Difference a Week Makes

When I posted last week I had just begun to come to terms with my writing in this new life reality, and then life changed on us. A lot.

Last Friday, Bryan found out that his boss lost the bid for August, and with gov't cutbacks (end of fiscal year tidying up) there was no work for Bryan for August. Friday he also had lunch with a buddy from his old job and got three solid employment leads.

By the end of Sunday he had no less than 9 job leads. 9!!! When he left the job at the jail last spring he spent 5 WEEKS unemployed trying to find a driving job.

Monday (yesterday) Bryan had an appointment to see one of the employers. Before I'd even gotten out of bed that morning he had a job offer. (don't judge me, I was up by 9am) They needed to get the final approval and run his MVR but it was a cinch. Monday night while we were grocery shopping he got the official job offer. Bang. He was employed again. After essentially one weekend without work.

Just like any job, this one has it's drawbacks. The biggest one is obviously that he leaves in 2 days and will be gone about 4 months. But--that's better than what we'd heard initially about the job, that he'd be gone 8 months. That prospect was scary, honestly. Rather than getting the water hose operator job he'd applied for he was hired as a driver, which means he's making more money per hour. That's a good thing. Overtime--also a good thing. And when he comes back there will be work around OK and TX during the slow season (winter) in the oil field.

Change is kind of scary. Having him gone is not something any of us are looking forward to. But we're going to make it work. And I'm going to get a lot of writing done these next months. All in all, I'm feeling kind of blessed.

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