Monday, September 23, 2013

When I Say...

When I say I'm a writer, you should probably know that the majority of my "writing" time has nothing to do with the pen, paper, or a computer keyboard. So much of that time is consumed with thoughts, plans, story process, research, and aggravation (mostly self-imposed) that sometimes it's hard to say, "Yes. I'm a writer."

See, I have this story. And it's a great one. And I wanted to release it for Halloween (haven't given up yet) but the story itself isn't cooperating. So I thought I'd share a little of the process in making Love's Price ready for reading.

First off, you need to know it's not because I don't have the perfect pretty packaging. As you can tell the incomparable Deirdra has done it again. I call her incomparable because she absolutely defines that word.

No, the story is eluding me because of this: I wrote it years ago as a gift. So I have this really pedestrian first draft that needs so much revising. And I've made some vital changes to the story in the mean time, which means considerable overhaul.

I got about 2 pages into it when I stalled. And over the weekend, thinking about the story and considering setting it aside for The Lost Princess (I have that cover, too, but you're going to have to wait) I realized this particular story is going to stretch me in ways I hadn't anticipated.

Love's Price is an onion. Not because it's smelly, but because it has layers. LAYERS. The best way to write this story, my brain has determined, is to first write a quick rough draft. First layer. Then go through and add all the setting and personality quirks of the characters. Probably 2 layers there. Then I have to go through and enhance the creepiness factor. I want this story to be scary, and I'm not an inherently creepy person. So there's another layer. Then I have to make sure the ghost aspect of the story (because, when you think about it, this story is really *2* stories--Alita's and the ghost's) makes sense. Another layer. And then I have to go through it one more time to be certain it all flows right and I don't have any serious mistakes. Another layer.

And that's all before my editor even sees it.

Still, you're probably thinking, "Yeah but it's a 75 page story. What you're talking about could take a week if you really work at it." And you're right. I could dedicate a day to the rough draft. A day for the second layer. A day for the third layer. A day for the fourth layer. A day for the fifth layer. A day for the sixth....and then turn it into my editor before September is even over so it could be live for purchase by mid-October.

But then there's that pesky real life that intrudes all the time. Since Bryan has been in Minnesota I have promised the kids that I will *not* write while they are home. Still that gives me all their school hours to work on the book. Well last week I had 3 sick kids who did not go to school except for one day. Then Bryan came home for 36 hours. I'm sorry, but I haven't seen my husband for 6 weeks. He's home for 36 hrs and I'm going to make the most of every second. Family first. You know that about me.

So Tuesday. Tuesday is when I dive back in to Love's Price and crank out that first layer. And maybe, *maybe* if I really push myself I can have it to my editor by Oct 1. That would be an accomplishment. That would make me feel like a writer again. :)

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