Tuesday, September 24, 2013

As Promised...A Peek at The Lost Princess

I'm having some fun over on my Facebook author page, and to celebrate my new likes I thought I'd treat everyone to a tiny blurb from The Lost Princess Those familiar with The Peasant Queen series will know Douglas, and it's fun to explore his character a bit.

I'm certain you will all be pleased with the finished story. Just remember this excerpt is not edited and may change a little. :)

Jessenia knew the ring well. It had an ornate gold filigree design and a large diamond in a square shaped setting. Her father’s wedding ring—a ring fit for a king.
            Douglas handed back the ring and the chain. “It’s handsome, but I’m glad you keep it hidden. Someone could see you with a man’s ring and come to the wrong conclusion.”
            “Like what?” she asked as she slid the chain back over her head and tucked the ring into her bodice.
            “Perhaps they would conclude you were spoken for,” he replied.
            The idea was so ridiculous she almost laughed. “No man would think that.”
            “I would.” His words, spoken so softly, caused a fluttering somewhere between her chest and her stomach. He looked at her with such intensity she had to look away.
            “Don’t tease me,” Jessenia almost begged. “I know I’m not much to look at.”
            Douglas touched her hand. “You’re lovely.”
            She didn’t want to hear any more. Invariably such a complement would be followed with an unfavorable comparison to her mother’s great beauty. “Please stop.”
            He withdrew his hand, and she looked at him to gauge his reaction. The hurt she saw in his eyes gave her pause. The last person to give her what had seemed a sincere complement had been Tristan—but why would her traitorous mind think of Tristan now?

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