Wednesday, January 21, 2015


This. There were some days I wondered if I'd ever get to this point. I can't even tell you the struggle finishing my Peasant Queen series has been. I've had this cover for nearly a year, and FINALLY I get to share it with you.

To recap, or if you're new, in The Peasant Queen we met Krystal, who found herself thrust into a world of kings and magic and had to grapple with the fallout. The sequel, The Tyrant King, continues Krystal's story with a new villain and a whole new set of problems. The companion novel, The Wild Queen, is similar to these books in that all of them contain action, drama, fighting, wars, and plenty to keep the plot dancing along the page.

The Lost Princess is different. War is over, but conflict isn't. There's still plenty of trouble for the characters to get in to. But instead of exclusively following Krystal, we meet a newbie--Jessenia. The book is all about Jessenia's struggles to accept and come to terms with her place in the world. And it's not easy.

This story challenged me in ways I didn't think possible. It's all about internal struggle and self-worth, and let me tell you that's hard to convey to the page. Action is easy. These characters hate each other, so they fight. But Jessenia doesn't get into a single physical fight in the whole book. Yet in some ways she's the strongest character I've ever written.

The other issue I had with this story is bringing all my threads from previous books to a satisfactory conclusion. That's not to say that I tied everything up in neat little bows (please, that is so not me) but there's resolution, hope for the future, etc. We meet all our favorites from the previous books, and see how time and trouble have changed them. So, happily, the story is far from dull. It's just been an incredible challenge to complete.

So here you go, the blurb/summary and cover. Are you ready? I think Deirdra did an amazing job drawing my vision out. She's the best.

Unwanted. Torn between two families, Lady Jessenia Elsden curses her birth and wishes only for a place where she belongs. But is that place with her father’s people or in the royal courts of Fayterra and Demarde with her mother, the long absent Queen Roweena?
Jessenia will traverse miles, even going to the royal courts of Peldon, to find her heart’s desire—somewhere, someone, that she can call home.

Stay close, readers. Soon I'll upload links for preordering THE LOST PRINCESS and give you an updated release date.

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Konstanz Silverbow said...

I am so excited for this book!!! And that is a gorgeous cover!!! <3