Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Free for TWO days!

It's St Patrick's Day today. Have you got your green on? :)

Today is also my Dan's birthday. Who's Dan, you ask? He's one of my brothers.
He's the little guy on the right. I'm the upside down one.
Not pictured is our brother, David, so--as you can see--I have a fair few.

Dan's birthday, obviously, has always fallen on St Patrick's Day. He probably got teased about that some, but I can't say for certain. Though we're only 2.5 years apart in age, we weren't really close growing up and we don't see each other that much now. Life and distance keep getting in the way.

But today is his birthday, so to mark the occasion I've chosen to celebrate with a free ebook giveaway rather than the traditional giant shamrock cake my mom made every year. Now that, friends, was a labor of love. We're talking full size heart shaped cake pans and part of an 8x8 cake for the stem.

So, on to the free book. Are you a romance lover? Do you like some mystery and intrigue? Then TEA FOR TWO is definitely the story for you! It's set in a land in the world of Eeryan, which is the same world where my Peasant Queen series takes place. Except Brundidge is far removed from the continent where you would find Fayterra, Demarde, or Norvallen.

In Tea for Two, you meet Shannah, a servant with a secret to hide (or two) and Brendan, her employer, who is bent on weeding those secrets out. This is a highly revised version of a story I wrote twenty years ago, and the first story I let my then-brand-new husband read, because it was shorter than my novels. So, as you can see, Tea for Two has a special place in my heart.

It's only free today and tomorrow (March 17th and 18th) in celebration of my brother's (muffled) birthday. Don't hesitate to grab your copy today!


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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Danny and thank you for the free chance to read your book again! Lots of love!!