Friday, December 18, 2015

PreOrder Sale!

Merry Christmas! As usual, I like to have some sort of offer around the holiday as a gift to my readers. This time it's a whole new book. As you know, this year has been a pretty rough one, but I realized this week that City of Light is the THIRD full-length novel I've released in 2015!

About the book: The Demon wants Aisilyn for his bride, and he’s sending his Dark Warrior to get her. Her sister, Gennavieve, isn’t about to let that happen. She convinces the Warrior that she is the maiden he’s come for, and willingly leaves the sacred City of Light with him to spare Aisilyn from a fate worse than death.
What Gennavieve never considered is what she would do if she fell in love with the servant of darkness.

My gift to you is that I'm having a preorder sale. Right now, and through December 23, City of Light is only $1.99! Once it goes live Christmas Eve the price will go up.

Currently, the only live links I have are for AMAZON and iTUNES. Stay close, though, because I'll be updating this post as the other channels go live. (like now) KOBO is live! And NOOK.

I heard that there's a new space movie out today, so probably some people will be doing that and not worried about e-book shopping. ;) That's cool. The sale is through Wednesday, so you have time.

Merry Christmas, my friends!

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