Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Books Galore!

I'm on kind of a writer high since getting my edits back for City of Light yesterday. You know how it is, your editor didn't mean to but read it all in one sitting because she couldn't put it down. Yeah, that. :)

You've likely noticed, but I did some work on the website/blog over the weekend as well--just housekeeping things like editing links and updating information. And while I get City of Light up for sale (likely before Christmas), I just wanted to remind you of all the other books I've got out there.

Don't forget you can really capture the Christmas spirit with the audio version of Twelve Days, available through AUDIBLE or on AMAZON. It's also available through the iTunes store, if that's your preference.

I do still have some print copies of my books left, in case you are wanting to gift autographed copies of Birthright or any of my other books. The closer we get to Christmas, of course, the harder it is to get books mailed in time to make it under the tree. Pretty soon, this offer will only be available local contacts. Of course, you can still pick up the print versions online, if the signed copy isn't a priority.

I've put all the purchase links on the right side of the blog, so all you have to do is click your preferred link.

And, naturally, you can pick up e-book versions of my books in case you have an e-reader to fill for a gift for someone on your list. They're all available through iTunes as well in the iBook store. I plan to have the e-version of City of Light live before Christmas, for that last minute gift idea. Of course, Ghost Bride and Tea for Two are always free. (Amazon is still having issues making Tea for Two free, but it's free on all other formats)

Here's wishing you a very merry and safe holiday season!

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