Wednesday, April 14, 2010

L is for...

Love. or Lucien. Oooh, you'd like Lucien. :) (kinda looks like James Caviezel)

Lucien became King of Demarde at a young age--so young most of his decisions were controlled by the Council. At 18, when he officially claims the throne, he works to protect his borders and his people--often neglected by his father. Then he decides to treaty with the kingdom of Norvallen for a controlling share in the Salve of the Enchanted Wood. And his world changes forever.

Lucien, you see, is Gregory's father.

That's right. The evil king Gregory had to come from somewhere, right? In my book, The Wild Queen, which hopefully will be released after The Peasant Queen, my readers will meet Gregory's parents and his younger sister, Falina (Jareth's mother). Through this brief glimpse into their lives, you'll learn what it takes to turn Gregory down his path of destruction.

L is also for LOVE. The love of one character for another. The love of one person for another. The love of a parent and child. The love of the author for her characters.

Our worlds are full of love. We're surrounded by it. Inundated with it. And we can either embrace it or reject it.

Which would you rather do?


Beth Zimmerman said...

Embrace it! Always! ... Though there are times when to do so is quite scary! :)

Mel Chesley said...

Embrace it. :D

Raquel Byrnes said...

Points to ponder. I love your pictures that you choose for your characters. Great post.

Grammy said...

Hey, I really like the pics!You must be a great writer, too. I like the characterizations you do.

Ella said...

Embrace always! I agree,lot to ponder over here!
Well done~

chris weigand said...

A vote for embrace, especially God's love.