Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Q is for...

With books like The Peasant Queen and The Wild Queen, what else would you expect me to post about today? That's right! QUEENS

Let me start out by saying, though, that in reading other bloggers' posts, I feel bad that I've lost out on commenting on some of them. We had a rash of sicknesses go through the house--and like any other mom I work through mine but lose ground in blogland when I take care of my kids. Sorry to those I have missed.

As I gingerly stepped into the world of Google images to look for crowns for this post (You have to be careful when googling images of queens lol), I found a few that were simply odd and others that were delightful. I chose the one pictured above because of it's simplicity. I look at it and see QUEEN.

I introduced you to Krystal in a previous blog. She's my peasant queen. This picture is a close up of my youngest daughter dressed up as Krystal for Halloween. It's pretty funny how that came about, but I can guarantee you the idea of dressing up as my invented characters was not mine.

Now this delightful little creature is my older daughter dressed up as Roweena. You'll meet Roweena in tomorrow's post. She is the evil king Gregory's mother, and my wild queen. As you can see, Roweena has gallons and gallons of hair. Not quite to Rapunzel standards, but it's a healthy amount to be certain.

Like most queens, Roweena and Krystal are princesses first. Roweena is born into it. Krystal is recruited, or assigned, the title. And though they are a couple of generations apart--and not related in any way--they have a similar trait or two. Stubbornness comes immediately to mind. Hmm, wonder where they got that? ;)



Hi I enjoyed your "Q" blog very much,
I do hope you are all ok healthwise.
Take care.

Beth said...

Wonderful post! And you have beautiful daughters! :)

Shannon said...

Beautiful girls...hope that you are all well again..Blessings to you today!

Trudy said...

Love the queen post! That is a great crown you have there too. Beautiful girls!

Caledonia Lass said...

Gee... where would that stubborn streak come from? ::Looks under the couch:: Nope, not there. :D

Gregg said...

Sorry you guys were sick, never any fun. Great post and cute little girls. We had four and they were all princesses and now they all think they are queens.

Grammy said...

Sorry to hear you had sickness in your family. That is always tough to deal with. Glad they are getting better. Beautiful daughters you have that look very queenly.

Wanda said...

Hope you all are feeling much better now. Perhaps that stubborn streak came fromt he chief Queen :)

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