Monday, July 15, 2013

You are Invited: The Lost Princess Contest!

This fall, I hope to (finally) release The Lost Princess in ebook and print, and have a lovely blog tour and offer free copies of The Tyrant King to keep everyone updated with the story. If you've forgotten, The Lost Princess picks up where The Tyrant King left off, and will complete the series, with the possible exception of a few novellas to round out the story.

So, what about this contest? I have discovered through writing the story that I have a character in need of a name. You've seen authors do this before, they'll ask for a name and then offer some sort of reward for the name chosen.

Usually this happens on Facebook. The last time I did it, I needed a name for a a witch in The Tyrant King  and offered to use the name of the person who submitted the winning witch's name in The Lost Princess as a character. That winner was Tawnya, and her character in The Lost Princess is someone of note.

This time, I'm using my blog as the setting for my contest so I can go into more detail. Also, the offered prize is a signed print copy of The Lost Princess when the book is released! So, you get to win now but you will have to be patient for your prize. I hope you don't mind.

Here's what I need: A female name for a woman (thankfully), a peasant who lives in one of the villages on the outer borders of Fayterra. Her village was attacked by the evil king's army during the course of The Tyrant King, most of her people killed, and she herself was wounded. Most importantly, she was separated from her 9 year old daughter, Rianne.

In The Lost Princess, this mother has recovered enough from her wounds and trauma to travel in search of her daughter. Mind you, she's not fully recovered, but she has recovered enough--which to me means she still has weak spells but hasn't let that deter her from searching for her little girl.

This mother needs a name. She's going to meet Krystal and poor Krystal needs something to call her other than "you there" or "woman."

That's where you come in. This week and this week only (July 15th through 20th) I need you to submit names. I will pick 5 favorites and then one will be randomly selected as the winning name. The person who submits the winning name will receive a free, signed copy of The Lost Princess NO LATER than November 30, 2013.

I will post the winner next Monday, July 22, 2013.

Get submitting! :)


Heidi L. Murphy said...

How about Ehrendira? Or Phaedra? Or Tamina? Or Bennerette? I could go on forever...:o)

Mindy Holt said...